NEW ENGLAND MEDWASTE does all the work for you with environment-friendly practices and sharps management solutions for your healthcare institution.

As a sharps solutions provider, it’s our goal to supply the safest and most durable containers in the industry.  The simple and efficient design is ideal for any healthcare environment and all containers have a life expectancy of over 5 years.


We Do All The Work!



Our Sharps Management Programs are customized to meet the needs of your healthcare organization....and, we do all the work!



  • Complete sharps management programs for your healthcare institution.
  • New England MedWaste offers a complete line of reusable containers that meet the needs of generators of all sizes.
  • As a solutions provider, it is our goal to offer the safest, most efficient, and most durable container solutions for the industry. Our simple and modern design is efficient and supports the healthcare environment.
  • Life expectancy 300-600 cycles (5 Years)


Our robotic sharps decanter can empty and process up to 120 reusable sharps containers per hour.

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